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With the vape - liquid from Budwerk you are prepared for every situation. Only the best extracts and the purest propylene glycol are used in the production of our vape liquids. The taste is purely natural and without the addition of artificial flavors or terpenes. The cannabinoid spectrum is rich in CBD, CBG and over 80 other cannabinoids, which makes our Vape Liquid Gold a unique product in the vaping area.


We offer 3 different strengths. Soft, Strong and Heavy.


Variants Vape Liquid:

  • Soft           5% CBD + 1% CBG + 1% other cannabinoids
  • Strong   10% CBD + 2% CBG + 2% other cannabinoids
  • Heavy     20% CBD + 4% CBG + 4% other cannabinoids

Vape Liquid