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With our Punisher, the name says it all. Made from the best extracts without the addition of glycerine, propylene glycol or isolates. With 65% CBD, 3% CBG, 10% CBDV and over 80 other cannabinoids, our Punisher is not only a very highly concentrated product but also unique on the European market. Thanks to the gentle extraction process that we use on our plants, we maintain the completely natural terpene profile. Every vape with the Punisher is therefore a unique taste experience. One punisher corresponds to approx. 200 vape bursts. Full spectrum vape extract THC <0.005% CBD 65% CBG 3% CBDV 10% Cartridge: EOS N18 Made of stainless steel & borosilicate glass 1.2 OHM Volume: 0.5ml Heating coil: organic cotton.


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