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We press our organic poppy seed oil fresh from the mill from freshly harvested blue poppy seeds from controlled organic cultivation. The native cold pressing preserves the typical, slightly nutty taste. The valuable ingredients of the oil are also retained, as it is neither heated nor refined during production. So there is about 85 poppy seed oil  g per 100 g of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid. The human body cannot produce linoleic acid itself, but it needs it to synthesize tissue hormones, for example.


Poppyseed oil is also used in cosmetics. You can also use our mill-fresh poppy seed oil for skin care. Simply apply to the skin or particularly dry areas of skin, done! Or you can add a small dash of poppy seed oil to the bath water. Of course, poppy seed oil does not contain any opiates (morphine and codeine) and of course we at Budwerk use it  For the production of our poppy seed oil only poppy seeds from controlled organic cultivation.



Full spectrum hemp extract -poppy-

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  • Mundpflegeöl, täglich 8-10 Tropfen in die Mundhöhle geben und 60 Sekunden im Mund verteilen.

    Max. 3 mal täglich verwenden. Im Anschluss ausspucken.

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