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Is it allowed to grow CBD in Germany?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Watch out, if you grow cannabis without a permit, you can quickly get into trouble with the police. Who and how you can grow legal CBD and commercial hemp you can read in our article.

The cultivation of cannabis of any kind is prohibited in Germany for private individuals

Private individuals are prohibited by law from growing commercial hemp or CBD. It does not matter if the THC value is below 0.2%.

A license is necessary for legal cultivation

Anyone wishing to cultivate cannabis in the Federal Republic must apply for a license from the Federal Cannabis Agency. It is generally not possible for private individuals to obtain this license these days. Even industrial and commercial growers often have to wait a long time for the license. So hobby growers have no chance to grow CBD purely from a legal point of view. Those who violate the current legal situation must expect severe penalties. For the judiciary, illegal cultivation is not a trivial offense. If someone does not have the required special permit, he faces imprisonment..

Which farms are then allowed to legally grow CBD in Germany?

The legal regulation is intended to prevent abusive purposes. Therefore, only special farms with a permit are allowed to cultivate and process CBD hemp. This includes, in principle, many agricultural companies with a specified minimum size. Other companies outside the agricultural sector - including beekeepers, vintners, inland fishermen or forestry - are excluded from cultivating commercial hemp. An exception is made for companies that are eligible according to the granting of aid under EU Regulation No. 1307/2013.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, according to the current legal situation, it is not possible as a private person to grow commercial hemp or CBD in his garden. The new traffic light coalition could change this, so that soon the private cultivation is no longer a crime.

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