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Oils & Co.

Budwerk`s hemp extracts are produced under the highest quality standards, which is reflected in our unique cannabinoid spectrum. In the manufacture of our hemp extracts, we meticulously observe every step up to the completion of our product in order to be able to offer you the highest quality hemp extract on the European market.  

Our cannabinoid spectra are unique and we are particularly proud of that.

All carrier materials used at Budwerk are BIO-certified and native.


Soft: 500mg CBD, 100mg CBG, 50mg other cannabinoids.

Medium: 1000mg CBD, 200mg CBG, 100mg other cannabinoids

Hard: 2000mg CBD, 400mg CBG, 200mg other cannabinoids

Super Strong: 2500mg CBD, 500mg CBG, 250mg other cannabinoids

* The THC content of all products is below 0.05%.


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